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Programme (

Program booklet (updated on 10.9.2021)

The conference will be rounded in a three-day scientific event with plenary and invited oral talks, participant oral talks, and poster presentation sessions. A Best Student Scientific Contribution competition will be organised as well. The contributions from students will be selected by the scientific committee which will evaluate their work on the merit of their presentation and submitted abstract. The conference will also include the exhibitions from major Slovenian manufacturers and providers of laboratory equipment.

The official languages of SCS Annual Metting 2021 will be Slovene and English. However, the participants are encouraged to prepare and present their work in English since invited participants are not native Slovenian speakers.

To follow the programme of the »27th Annual Meeting of the Slovenian Chemical Society«on mobile devices and schedule your agenda, you are invited to use the »conference4me« mobile app available for free in stores Google Play and AppStore.



SKD 2021 – Guidelines – Oral presentations

Plenary lecture: 55 minutes (with discussion)

Keynote lecture: 40 minutes (with discussion)

Section lecture: 20 minutes (with discussion)

Authors giving oral presentations are to copy their presentation files to the presentation computer during the coffee break prior to their session at the latest. Please do not exceed the alloted presentation time.



SKD 2021 – Guidelines – Poster presentations

Recommended size for posters is max 90 cm x 190 cm (width x height). Authors are asked to be available for questions during their Poster sessions.


To better disseminate the results of the research work, we will enable everyone who will have a poster presentation at the conference, to upload your e-poster in the cloud, which can be accessed by mobile devices during or after the event. All of you who want to take this opportunity, please send us your posters in pdf format to the e-mail address by Monday, 20 September 2021.


Registered students with submitted abstracts will be eligible to enter a Student award competition. Awards will be presented to the winners by an expert Student award committee, which will evaluate the students’ contributions on the grounds of poster or oral presentations.

The awardees will receive a Best presentation certificate along with a financial prize.